Autumn is here. The season that paints the trees at its whim and dyes the gardens and fields with ocher colors. The season where light becomes magical. It is time for autumn airs to take over from summer textiles and details.  We want our home to breathe the warmth and comfort that this time of the year suggests to us.

Autumn invites us to spend more time at home. It is the ideal time to enjoy a dinner with family or friends, read a book, watch our favorite series or enjoy good music listening to the rain falling in the background.  

Therefore, the time has come to start thinking about giving our home a new look, an autumnal touch! A decoration inspired, for example, in seasonal colors such as brown or orange, which combined with beige, gray or white create relaxed and calm spaces.

Open the closet and pull out plaids, blankets and cushions. When temperatures start to drop, it is best to use wool, cotton or velvet textiles. They give that caress of comfort that we like so much!

The lighting also varies in this season, so you can get the autumn light you are looking for through lanterns, garlands or table lamps. A dim but sufficiently intense lighting to get that warm and bucolic autumn feeling. 

Patterns are combined with each other.  The color bursts without limits, but in a light way, in the most functional elements to be integrated in those rooms that we want to be more authentic.

Autumn scents also add value to autumn decoration. We can fill a wicker basket with oranges, lemons, cloves and cinnamon sticks. You will see how good it smells! Even candles, with autumn scents, give a warm and aromatic air to the living room.

You don't need big changes to bring the spirit of the season into your home!

In our apartments we have everything ready to welcome you and make you live the autumn in Madrid in a special way.