Decoration in neutral tones is a safe bet. It doesn't have to be boring! 


At first, thinking of a space all decorated in neutral, may be an empty place and even simple and boring, but nothing is further from the truth. Neutral colours in decoration have a special charm and visually report feelings of peace, tranquillity and warmth. Short Term Rental

In addition, because they combine perfectly with the other colours, they are perfect for use in any room in the home. They are ideal to help give a greater sensation of light and spaciousness. They bring freshness, order and peace. short-term-rental

By playing with decorative elements such as cushions, blinds, centres or bedding accessories, it is possible to give a quiet room an impression of colour that harmonises perfectly with them. short-term-rental

Although in recent times, as far as decoration is concerned, there have been movements that mixed minimalism with pure colours, the truth is that neutral colours are and will be for a long time, the star colours in decoration. short-term-rental

In short, the colour palette in neutral tones is essential if you want to create serene and elegant environments. Short Term Rentals