With the heat it's going to be, it's the perfect time to bring a little summer into your home decor.

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Colours like pink, purple, yellow or green, come to settle in our houses. There are many complements and details that we can add to give it that fresh and warm touch that we look for at this time of year: cushions, flowers, candles... Anything goes with a bit of good taste and good harmony! Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid

Just as we don't use the same garments or fabrics for winter and summer, houses also need to be changed to create a sense of well-being - out with thick duvets and quilts! Welcome light textiles to tuck us in on cool nights. They put a great decorative load on!

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Decoration with lights is another strong point to illuminate our terraces and gardens when organizing summer dinners. To create that calm and relaxing atmosphere it is essential to maximize the sunlight and at nightfall, chandeliers, lanterns or garlands of lights complement the classic ceiling lights to illuminate the space and give it a magical touch. Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid

At the table, a colourful and cheerful kitchenware can't be missing either. In the summer, we like to set up more fun tables. Don't give up on original designs and materials that are not often used at other times of the year like this one from Zara Home. https://www.zarahome.com/es/comedor/vajilla-c1020116675.html

In short, it's all about playing and combining with small details and textiles, to make our home smell like summer with little touches and brushstrokes. A living home is more pleasant and appetizing! Don't you think? In Luxury Rentals Madrid, Luxury Vacation Rentals Madrid, We're doing it..