A week away from the scariest night of the year, we begin to see how stores and stores are beginning to fill with typical Halloween decorations. Although last year we were not able to celebrate it, this year will be different and special.

In a week one of the most popular American holidays arrives and that little by little has gained a great prominence in our Spanish homes: Halloween!

And this year we will be able to enjoy it in style. Children will be able to go out trick-or-treating again, houses will be decorated again with spooky motifs and pumpkins and people will gather to have costume parties, tell scary stories and make jokes, as well as watch the typical horror movies. 

Let's get our imagination going! and make that night a terrifyingly special night.  Here are a few ideas.

- Make cookies. Spiders, ghosts, pumpkins... Bring out your inner baker and help the little ones to make them. A well-known variant to make them is with peanut butter.

- Decorate the house. Get out the spider webs, skeletons, candles and coffins. It will give you a terrifying look!

- Watch horror movies. Many of the digital platforms release special cycles on the occasion of that day.

- Why not? Get out all the makeup, some sheets and even toilet paper to make a mummy costume. The idea is to use your imagination and let young and old have a spookily fun evening.

A great occasion to spend time with family and friends!