Enjoying a few days of rest in Madrid and doing it in a charming and tastefully decorated apartment is not incompatible. In each of our apartments we combine the advantages of a comfortable decoration with the enjoyment of rest and disconnection.

One of the things that our clients value most is that the place where they stay transmits peace and comfort. Places that make them feel pampered, like at home, even if they are far away. 

That is why at Luxury Rentals Madrid we want our guests to feel special. For this, in addition to a personalized and close treatment, we take care of every detail of the apartment you are going to occupy.

Colors that identify each space, flowers, cushions and blankets....Because that is what it is, to create unique spaces with small touches of distinction, so that your experience of renting an apartment in Madrid is something unique and unforgettable.

Because in the end what really matters is that the place where you are going to stay makes you feel good, warm and cozy, because it is a place where you are going to spend a lot of time and in which surely what you want is to feel comfortable to rest from the hustle and bustle of the day.