Staying in a Luxury Rentals Madrid apartment offers you many advantages!  With a careful selection of apartments strategically located in the most exclusive and touristic neighborhoods of Madrid, our strength lies in the fact that we offer our clients advantages over other types of accommodation. The versatility of our apartments welcomes different audiences, from executives to tourists.

It is a fact that for some groups of travelers such as families with children, couples, groups of friends or businessmen on a business trip, Luxury Rentals Madrid apartments offer comforts and advantages that meet their needs equal or even better than other more conventional accommodation. So, if you have never enjoyed one of our apartments, we are going to give you many reasons so that when you come to Madrid you want to try: 

1- The privacy. The privacy that gives you one of our exclusive apartments you will not find anywhere else. You will be able to do and undo without being accountable to anyone.

2- In an apartment you have more space. If there is something that stands out in our apartments is the amplitude of spaces they have. You don't have to stay in only one room, you can enjoy different areas. In the apartments you make life, while in another type of accommodation you only sleep.

3- Freedom of schedules. From check-in to check-out you can forget about schedules. 

4- Coexistence. Being able to enjoy your people if you travel in a group is priceless!

5- Strategically located. All our apartments are located in the best areas of Madrid. (Downtown, Retiro, Barrio Salamanca, Cortes, Justicia, Austrias...).

6- Comfort. We offer our clients homes designed with the maximum comfort, exclusive, spacious and bright. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped, with the highest standards of quality and design: bed linen, towels, state-of-the-art appliances, kitchen utensils, crockery, glassware, cutlery and wifi.

7- Staff always available, being at the client's disposal 24 hours a day to solve any inconvenience, no matter how small.


And now... Where are you going to stay?