The bathrooms have become one of the main axes of the house, as far as the decoration is concerned. Gone are the unstyled bathrooms. It is one of the rooms that we use the most and that we dedicate to relaxation. Therefore, it is important to make them a pleasant place and that gives us a feeling of well-being and comfort.

Today we want to show you a selection of the bathrooms of the Luxury Rentals Madrid apartments. Mainly, because decorative harmony is present in each of the corners of our exclusive apartments.

The different styles of our bathrooms express different personalities and satisfy very different tastes and styles.

Let's go there!

The bathroom of the Redondilla apartment has a certain Arabic-style air. A simple style with the warmth provided by the elements of this historical culture, turning this bathroom into an oasis of relaxation.


Leaving building elements in plain sight has become a trend we see very often. On this occasion, in the bathroom of the Espoz y Mina III apartment, we can see a exposed wooden beam, adding a lot of warmth and contrast to the bathroom. In addition, a tile with mosaic has been used on the wall of the basin. For its color, shape and texture it gives a very contemporary image.


The room of the Monte Esquinza apartment is spacious and bright in neutral tones. It has been used to the maximum by integrating, through an open partition, a sink with storage area at the bottom. A very well-kept space, in harmony with the rest of the bedroom.

The contrast of color on the walls is very elegant and gives a touch of distinction. Like this bathroom of the apartment Villanueva VI.


In this bathroom of the María de Molina I apartment, more prominence has been given to the sink area, separating it from the rest of the areas. A very original sink area thanks to the tile chosen in the form of a spike, the mirror and with floating wooden countertop.