In Luxury Rentals Madrid, we want the properties that our clients entrust to us and leave in our hands to have the best possible performance. The luxury apartments in Madrid, are managed with full dedication so that all are advantages. 

At Luxury Rentals Madrid we are specialists in luxury apartment rentals in Madrid. We are fully dedicated to the management of properties for short/medium/long stays.

We want our clients to live with peace of mind, that is why we take care of:

-Advice in decoration and equipment.

-Marketing of the property.

-Cleaning and basic maintenance of the property.

-Supervision and control of the equipment.

-Management of reservations, selection of clients, formalization of contracts, and collections.

-24 hour multilingual customer service.

-Check-in and check-out

-Supervision and control of the apartment

-Concierge services

-Resolution of possible incidents

In addition to all of the above, we are at our clients' disposal for anything they may need.

Our tenants are personnel coming from high level companies from all over the world. In addition to families or individuals looking for an alternative accommodation that makes them feel at home. We are the ideal choice for those who are looking for a comfortable accommodation, full of design and warmth.

We work diligently to achieve maximum occupancy and profitability of our properties. Our rental system offers a considerably higher remuneration than traditional rentals, with the advantage that our clients can dispose of their apartment whenever they wish, as long as they respect confirmed reservations. The average annual occupancy is around 80%.

On the website you can see the style of decoration of our apartments, as well as the prices we have advertised for apartments.

All our apartments are uniquely decorated. In this sense, we can help you at all times in everything you need, from the reform, decoration and equipment of the property (linen, crockery, small appliances etc.,) as we collaborate with companies of full confidence, quality and very competitive prices.